Skeleton Key Pattern – bottom up fair isle


Skeleton Key Pattern – bottom up fair isle. Another great knit by Andresue, she writes really great patterns. Someday I hope I can do the same, I am just really bad about keeping notes!


How to make mason jar lights

I really want to mamake these, just need to put down my knitting for a change!


Making mason jar lights is really, really easy!

Step 1: Find the right mason jar for your light

The size of your socket/desired lightbulb will determine the size of your jar. Normal lightbulbs, energy bulbs, Edison bulbs, etc fit best in quart-sized jars (32oz) at a minimum because they have room to breathe inside the jar (you don’t want the bulb to be close to/touching the glass due to heat issues). You can also use gallon jars (64oz) or even larger vessels, but there’s a point beyond 64oz where your lightbulb may look dwarfed, so let your aesthetic preference guide you. Smaller bulbs with small sockets may fit well into pint-sized jars (16oz), and if you’re stuffing Christmas lights into the jar, you can really choose whatever size you want!

Step 2: Gather your materials

For this project you’ll need:

  1. A mason jar (shock!)
  2. The socket you want to put…

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