What am I doing?

Hey Blog Land people! I know that I haven’t been on FOREVER. I am buried neck deep in the Yarn Hoard trying to organize it, trying… I must stop cruising around WordPress looking at pretty patterns and get back to the Hoard! Photos soon!

That’s an expensive dog hat!


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Yes, this is my daughter's dog Puddin and the hat she is wearing began its life as a slipper. I had just finished knitting a pair for my mom using MadelineTosh ASAP from the Paradise Fibers yarn club. I took the slippers into the kitchen to hand felt them, left for 10 minutes, came back... Where are the slippers? One in Puddin's mouth, one on the floor in front of her. How did this little girl reach them? How did she tear a hole this large? I think that the mystery will never be solved but a little public dog shaming is in order!IMAG2744

Hey I got the Android App!

My problem with my blog has always been the fact that I am rarely using a real computer. I live on my HTC DNA phone, I hate being tied down to a desktop. WordPress didn’t like that very much! So this is a test of the Android platform! Let’s try to load a photo shall we?




It is actually one of my sheep, meet MaeBelle everyone. Not only do I hoard yarn, but hoard sheep too!



These are our spoiled rotten horses, if you hadn’t guessed yet, I have a farm.

spinning + photo story

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Next week, I have a new pattern out. For the past few weeks, I’ve been putting off publishing a different blog post that I need to publish not only for you to read, but because it’s something I need to write and put out there. Right now, however, here are some yarn pictures.



This is a skein of yarn that I spun from the Columbia fleece I got last summer. I am so happy with it. It is squishy and, honestly, it feels like a foam mattress. If foam mattresses smelled like a barnyard, that is. I love the natural color, and while I do plan to dye some of this wool, I want to leave this yarn blank. This is the first time I’ve spun woolen from rolags, and while I’m not entirely positive I was doing it correctly, it does look like a woolen-spun yarn.

Also, I’ve been…

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